About us
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About us

Firstly the collectibles was only hobby for us. It's started from the box of old toys. Then we had an interset about digging on the attics and basements of abandoned houses. In case of Historical situation, in the first half of 20th century in Estonia, many antiquities like family relics, documents, orders and medals, edged weapons were hiding on the old attics. A short time after we had so much items in our collection that it's becomes a possible to change or sold some of them. In Tallinn and Riga even in Soviet time were a regular fairies of the collectors of antiquities where was possible to change, sold or by everything, from antic coins till Russian Imperial porcelain.

Except, digging on attics and basements it was possible to by some “Family relics” from families.

Step by step our outlook becoming wider, now we have a much communications in “antiquity world” not only Estonia but in all Baltic Countries, Russia Federation an in Europe Countries. When Estonia became a state of the European Union it's a very easy for us to traveling in Europe to by some stuff on the regular international fairies.

As we know, most of the collectors likes an authentic and uncleaned items. In this reason we, speccialy do not clean most of the antiquities. But according with the wishes of klients we can clean or restore any items.

We have a responsibility about authentity and originality of all items that we selling in our store. All items that we slling are 100 % original. In case when its repaired we mention it in description. We also can trade a good authentic replics, in this case is fixed indescription as „“Copy“.